Health Check for your Pet Dog

Posted By on Jun 14, 2016 |

There are different things that you can do to check the health of your pet dog. This is important so you can tell your vet on what is happening with your pet dog and how healthy he or she is. You can start by observing things that are happening in their everyday life. You may take note of it so you will have an exact reference on what you can tell to your vet.

Here are the things you need to check for the health of your dog:

  1. For their eyes it should be: clear and wide open, no swelling, pupils must have same size, and no discharge.
  2. Ears must look clean as well. They should not feel pain when you are going to gently feel the base of their ears. It is recommended to visit a vet to check on the ears if there is anything wrong with it.
  3. Teeth must be clean, white and smooth. There should be no redness on their gums. There were gum diseases that could affect their teeth and it is important to know them. Those reasons of possible diseases are: calculus, gingivitis and
  4. Weight of your dog matters and if you feel that they gained weight, think and observe what is happening. Just like a person, gaining weight can be also bad to your favorite dog’s health. For your dog the possible reason of gaining weight is getting no enough exercise and eating too much food. Losing weight can also indicate unhealthy dog. Checking your dog’s weight can help you to determine easily if there is any problem on their health. There is best vet in gloucester that can help you on the right thing to do for your dog.
  5. Coat condition matters as well. But overall your dog should look neat and clean. Skin underneath should look good and healthy. Check if there are any black particles, greasy coat, areas that are bald and other factors on the skin. This is important thing to know from vet on what can be done to cure it if necessary. The best vet in gloucester can also check this out.
  6. You can also tell if your pet is good with their mucuous membranes. You can check out their gums to know this. If your dog’s gums are pale it means there is problem on their health. They might not be getting enough oxygen, liver is also not working good and worse case might be poisoned.

Checking your dog’s health by best vet in gloucester can be a great help to save them from any possible serious health problems. Checking their health is showing your love and care for them and it is truly important for them. It is also a responsibility to check their health, to make sure that they are not suffering from any kinds of diseases. So simply checking their teeth, eyes, ears, and other parts of their body would really tell if they are healthy or not.