Five S In Preparing For Your Child’s Future

Posted By on Sep 28, 2016 |

Your child is the most precious person in your life. You want to give them the best of the entire world. You want to be well prepared for them. You will need something to guide you on what to do. Here are the five S in preparing for your child’s future.

Speak with your child

Speak first with your child before making any plans for their future. You need to ask your child what they want to become in the future. Children already know what they want to become. You can also observe what your child’s talents are. Speak to your child if they plan to learn how to improve their talents. The child is also given importance if you speak to them. They will feel valued and become more open to discussion on their future.


Mother and her child playing together. Little child girl plays astronaut. Child in an astronaut costume plays and dreams of becoming a spaceman. Happy loving family having fun.

Setting education goals

For goals to be met, each party should agree to the same goal. Setting educational goals involves your child. Set what grade do you want them to target in school. Children need to agree on the goals. You don’t want your child to hate you if they don’t meet the grades you set. You can also ensure they meet these goals thru dukes consultancy. You can adjust your goals depending on the university that the child will go into.

Saving for tuition fees

Studying is your child’s responsibility. As a parent, you will be responsible for taking care of tuition fees. Saving for tuition fees starts while your child is still young. You don’t want to encounter problems when your child is already studying. If you don’t want your child’s schooling to be disturbed, help save up for their tuition fees. Knowing what school your child wants to attend in the future will give you an idea on how much you need to allot for your child’s schooling.


Sending to boarding schools

Sending your child to a boarding school could be a painful event for you as a parent. Your child will be away from you. Studying in boarding schools gives your child the taste of becoming independent. If your child is competitive, your child will see this as an opportunity. They will have a taste of what life looks like when they are already in a university. You need to be strong for your child since they will look up to you as they go into a boarding school.


Supporting your child      

Since your child is not yet an adult, they will rely on you most of the time. They will seek your advice what school should they go to. What course should they choose? Be ready to support your child once they have made their decision. You need to support your child financially and emotionally.

The five S in preparing for your child’s future only serves as a guide. You still need to follow your heart as a parent on what is best for your child. You need to support your child in various ways as they find their own way to become an adult.